Farrar’s birthday present to Labour

David Farrar delivered up a gift for Labour’s celebration of 80 years since they first attained government.

It is good to see he has stopped posting pictures of cats and focused on his job as the number two blog in New Zealand.

To mark the 80 years since, I?ve compiled this chart to show how they have done in the 26 elections since.


A long way down from 1935!

While that chart may be brutal it is at least more accurate than dear old Annette King claiming Labour’s rolling average is around 33%…when it isn’t.

Labour parties around the world are struggling for relevance.

There are a number of reasons for that, mostly because they have been captured by careerists and single issue social lobbyists and activist types.

Originally founded to look after and represent ?working people they have instead morphed to become the parties of criminals, bludgers and special interest groups…and along the way became highly tribal and nasty to boot.

I well remember telling my old man years ago when he was highly active in the National Party, and I was just a callow youth at school that National needed to play the same way Labour did or they would be on the back foot all the time.

It turns out I was right and that is why I have literally spent a lifetime observing and copying left-wing tactics…and deployed them against them. That is why they had to try and take me down using any means necessary.

Thankfully there were others like me who saw this and played this way. I learned most of my best plays from Scott Simpson in the old Eden electorate days. He won’t admit it these days, but that was where we cut our teeth in politics. It is also why the bugger’s muddle and others linked with them don’t like me playing in politics…they know I know all about them and how they operate. I watched them all grow up politically…but they all pretend a higher set of ethics when really they are just like me, it’s just that they like to hide it.

The point of this though is Labour have allowed others to steal their raison d’?tre. They have failed to adapt to modern politics and now are getting spanked by people like John Key. There is no longer a reason to vote Labour, unless you are Maori, a criminal or a bludger. That’s it really.

They’ve lost, and we are witnessing the last gasp, which is a shame because Labour have done some really great things and could have done great things again but for losing their way. It was a Labour government that freed us from the shackles of a managed economy, a Labour government that started the slide way from unionism, a Labour government that reformed the economy so we could compete internationally and competitively in any field we choose.

We can thank them, and wave goodbye to them. Thanks for coming, it’s time for something new.


– Kiwiblog