FIANZ spokeswoman Dame Susan Devoy needs to read this

Dame Susan Devoy, the spokeswoman for upset and hurty feeling Muslims really should read this open letter from Steven Crowder.

Dear ?Moderate? Muslims starting your pathetic post-Paris hashtags,

I?m done. If you?re looking for meaningless Instagram pictures, lit-up buildings, or memes filled with platitudes, leave now. If you?re looking for generic comments like ?prayers to the families? and ?we must be united!??leave now. If you?re looking for a ?safe space,? you?re about to get nard-kicked, so I suggest leaving immediately. Okay? Okay.

The Paris attacks were the?kind of awful that should enrage all 0f humanity. And that?s okay. We should be angry.?Politically incorrect as it may seem, our?anger should be directed squarely at Islamic terrorists and any of their apologists. Unfortunately, there are far more apologists than anyone wants to acknowledge.

Hours after over one hundred and fifty innocent people were slaughtered, the online Muslim community pivoted toward recruiting Islamic sympathy with hashtags ?TERRORISM HAS NO RELIGION? and ?#MuslimsAreNotTerrorists.? I threw up a little. Then I gathered myself, wiped my mouth and got to work.

Sure, they claimed ?offense? at the heinous acts, but for them, the pressing issue was making sure their religion remained under the umbrella of ?tolerance.?

Which is precisely what Dame Susan Devoy did when issuing a joint press release with FIANZ. The EXACT SAME WORDS.

I?ll get into the intellectual disingenuous nature of said hashtags below, but first, let me issue some digital?bitch-slaps.

Nobody is saying all?Muslims are?terrorists. But Muhammad, (terrorism be upon him) was (watch my comprehensive video Jesus vs. Muhammad). Therein lies the problem, therein lies the required suspicion of anyone who claims to follow him. But don?t take my word for it?


Twitter was littered with?claims from Muslims that they ?feared for their safety.? One woman claimed she was on an airplane wearing?a hijab, and people ?tensed up? and she felt ?really unsafe.? She has since deleted those tweets?(read the room, sweetie) but I pulled similar tweets from the litany, available below.


You know who I feel bad for? Not the women wearing a hijab. Not Muslims on Twitter who are like, really offended at anti-Islamic tweets and who can?t seem to turn off their computers, while simultaneously spewing ungodly stupidity across the internet?

No, I feel bad for the hundreds of French civilian hostages who were shot one-by-one as their friends and family members were forced to watch, helpless to act, knowing they were next to die.

Hashtag that, bitches.

This is the cycle now: we put ?hurt feelings? of other self-marginalized minority groups on the same playing field as the brutal torture and murder of innocent civilians.


Islam is not a race but an expressly prescribed religious and political ideology. One that demands?violence of its ardent supporters.?Leftism is a prescribed ideology that demands the tolerance of any ?marginalized minorities,? be it perceived or otherwise.

When it came to calling our enemy ?Islamic terrorists? the left refused.

When it came to?placing the security of its own, free people over that of Islamic, Syrian refugees, the left refused.

When the Muslims demand sympathy in claiming to be falsely maligned? the left immediately obliges. Just read President Obama?s latest statements to see how grave the situation is.



Only this isn?t an attack on ?all of humanity? and we don?t all share the same values. This was an attack on the innocent people of France because they adhere to?different values than those in Islam.

The?encroaching, anti-freedom Islam and today?s political left is an unholy alliance that could ultimately destroy freedom. Forever.

We need to identify our enemy. Yes, that requires some uncomfortable decisions, and judgments. ?Moderate Muslims,? that means you. Don?t feel sorry for yourselves, distance yourselves. Help the rest of the free world unite.

Condemn Islamic terrorists?and?any Islamic country harboring them. Condemn any Islamic country that forces women to cover their faces, executes gay people or punishes converts. It is your job to clean house, not to feel sorry for yourselves, but to fundamentally change the way Islam interacts with the free world today. Or aid in its destruction.

To everyone else who considers themselves ?progressive? these attacks are?a line in the sand. You can be on the side that disarms citizens, demands ?safe spaces,? justifies Islamic oppression and bans free speech..

? or the side of Liberty. With a line this stark, there is no in between.

Hashtag that, bitches.

It’s brutal, but so is Islam. When people like Dame Susan Devoy are more concerned over the hurty feelings of one group of people than over the acts of terrorism that have hurt many more then you know we have a problem in our society.

To defeat Islamic terrorism we need to cut off their money, then we need to cut off their heads. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar and the UAE all fund terrorism…time to start putting some hurt on them.

I want to see the left-wing, instead of supporting terrorism and regimes which abuse women, gays, and execute apostates to condemn those nations instead. Kelvin Davis and Labour in calling for attacks against Australia over human rights were siding with North Korea and Iran. Saudi Arabia heads the UN Human Rights body…why aren’t we saying and doing anything about a “religion” that practices appalling discrimination…no instead they are apologists for them.

Our civilisation is under threat, we are at war, and hash-tagging sympathy won’t do jack all about the war we are in.


– Louder with Crowder