Goodyear sacks an employee for being a sporting shooter

Goodyear has a bit of a problem on their hands. One of their Australian employees has been sacked because he is a sporting shooter.

That is bad enough, but the case has now come to the attention of The Firearm Blog, one of the most respected and popular firearms blogs in the world, let alone the US.

David Waters, one of the top shooters in?Australian, competes regularly in high-power shooting competitions in the USA. In 2008 he became the first non-US citizen to be awarded the?Distinguished Rifleman Badge by the CMP.

A mechanical engineer by profession, he has worked for?Goodyear in Australia for the past 12 years until earlier this year when he was fired. ??

A friend of his, an inexperienced shooter named Liz from his target shooting?club, visited him at the Goodyear Corporate Headquarters. She wanted advice on how to fit an accessory to her target rifle. He had expected her to bring the accessory, but she also bought the rifle.

In the car park?David?told her to put the rifle, which she had removed from the car (minus the bolt and magazine),?back in the?car. Someone called the police after seeing her?holding the?rifle. Sixteen police officers arrived on the?scene. The police searched the car and she?was charged on a technically to do with?the transport of ammunition (although the charge is likely to be dropped).

David was suspended without pay and called in a week later for a meeting with Goodyear HR. His friend, Australian Senator Leyonhjelm attended the meeting at his request. An hour later he was fired on grounds that ?his conduct?had significant reputational impact on the company?.?Two days ago?Senator Leyonhjelm made a speech recounting the events in the Australian Senate.

It is only a matter of time now before the National Rifle Association gets involved and then Goodyear in the US is going to have to do something about the situation because if the NRA tells its members that Goodyear should be off their members shopping lists then there is some real pain coming.

I would imagine that Goodyear Australia is getting their ears tweaked about now.


-The Firearm Blog