Got any evidence for that Audrey?

Audrey Young has made an incredible claim in her column in today’s NZ Herald.

The refusal of Key to apologise after accusing the Opposition of supporting murderers and rapists suggests he is willing to squander his reserves of political capital – in particular with women.

The episode has also shown that Labour and the Greens working together are capable of capitalising on National’s mistakes – having successfully turned an attack on themselves into an attack on Key.

Key damaged himself this week because we no longer know what to believe.

I think most Kiwi voters know exactly what to believe, and it isn’t the Opposition or indeed anyone from the Media Party telling us how to think.

Watching Key’s behaviour over this week has been similar to watching him during the Teapot tapes in 2011, which he still believes was deliberately set up to tape his conversation with John Banks.

He has moments of absolute doggedness.

Speaker David Carter did Key no favours in not requiring or requesting him to apologise for causing offence by suggesting the Opposition supported murderers and rapists.

Carter admonished himself for not pulling up the PM for saying “you back the rapists” but then did nothing about it.

In context there was nothing wrong with what John Key said, other than it upset the wimmin of the Opposition and then?the?wimmin and luvvies of the Media Party.

Audrey Young has presented no evidence to support the headline much less her claims in the column that John Key has damaged himself. The only poll out recently, the Roy Morgan, suggests the opposite.

If columnists are going to make categoric claims like that then it is incumbent upon them to prove their statements are true. If they can’t then they should preface their claims with “I believe…”

Silly campaigns by irrelevant opposition MPs and equally irrelevant Media Party operatives won’t unseat John Key.


– NZ Herald