Islamic Council says there are no Israeli victims of terrorism


Sheikh Muhammad Sallah ?Abu Rajab,? who brandished the knife, told congregants of the Al-Abrar Mosque in Gaza that the stabbing attacks are just the ?first phase? in Palestinians? terror operations against Israel?s Jews ?Source/ Breitbart

Last night I received this press release from the Islamic Council of NZ:

Media Release

15 Nov 2015

The Islamic Council of New Zealand strongly condemns the cowardly attacks on innocent French and Lebanese citizens that have shook the world in the last few days.

As followers of the Islamic faith, we find it repugnant and counter to all universal human values to shed innocent blood in such a brazen and despicable way.

No true divine faith teaches violence, and we denounce any individual and group that use such tactics to instill and reap terror within societies and disturb the routine of normal, functional lives.

As expressed to the Minister of Ethnic Affairs, ICONZ is ready and able to cooperate with the government at national and local level to counter the terrorism at grass root level by the eradication of religious illiteracy.

Media contact:

Dr Nasser Abdul Monim
Islamic Council of New Zealand

So I replied:

Where is your statement condemning the ongoing terrorist attacks in Israel, against Jews?

Why do you only care about French and Lebanese victims?

Why the silence over more than 100 terror attacks in Israel in the past month?

I’ll start believing you are sincere when you start acting sincere.

About 30 minutes later I?received this reply:

Least I?can say, it is not all that clear that Israelis are victims of terrorism in recent incidents, and as you see no one condoled them for that, while French and Lebs were clearly victims and the whole world sympathized with them .

Nevertheless, I appreciate your concerns


There you have it…the Islamic Council of New Zealand officially says that there are no victims of terrorism in Israel, and as his justification he says it has because no one is giving them condolences and no one is sympathising with them.

I am surprised he was so blatant. But there you have it in plain English. We need a statement from Susan Devoy now condemning this sort of anti-semitic rhetoric from?the?Islamic Council. Unfortunately I doubt she will issue one.

This person lives in NZ and represents NZ Muslims. And is a partner of the NZ HRC. This is appalling and very scary indeed.?If there was an attack in NZ against Jews, would he consider this justified? When you don’t consider victims as being innocent, you condone and justify the attacks.

Just so we can all be on the same page here, this is what the Islamic Council doesn’t think are terror attacks because no one is sympathising with Jews.

Israel has suffered more than 100 terror attacks in the past month, mostly from knife wielding maniacs. Then there are the constant rocket attacks from Hamas, plus the ongoing tensions. For the Islamic Council to ignore that while crying crocodile tears of sympathy for Paris and Lebanon shows just exactly what we are dealing with here.

It is a shameful display, but at least I have it in writing that the official position of the Islamic Council is that Jews don’t matter.