Jan Logie says rapists are “not always monsters”…ahh…yeah they really are

For some reason Jan Logie actually did stick up for rapists on television yesterday. No, she did…she said that rapists?are “not always monsters”

Where I come from rapists are always monsters.

But now Jan Logie, who is outraged because the Prime Minister has said the Greens and Labour are crim cuddling supporters of rapists, is there on TVNZ sticking up for rapists because they are “not always monsters”.

Wasn’t she banging on about rape culture earlier in the year, promulgating an extra-judicial witch-hunt against a diplomat and trying to smear John Key back then as a rape enabler because he didn’t intervene in that case.

Now she is advocating on behalf of rapists and murderers detained in Australia, and is outraged the Prime Minister isn’t doing enough for them.

It shows just how convoluted their arguments are. They have more positions on this than the kama sutra.

These social justice warriors are only after an embarrassing apology…and they are hounding the PM on sexual assault issues for the third time (Rizalman case, Pony-tail incident, and now this one). I don’t believe in coincidences, there is a definite strategy to try and get the PM embroiled in sex allegations of some sort. ??

As one commenter pointed out this morning about social justice warriors…don’t apologise. He referencing the book from Vox Day SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police:

“The third thing to remember when undergoing an SJW-attack is to never apologize for anything you have done. I repeat: do not apologize. Do not say you are sorry if anyone’s feelings were hurt, do not express regret, remorse, or contrition, do not say anything that can be taken as an apology in any way. Just in case I am not being sufficiently clear, do not apologize!

Normal people seek apologies because they want to know that you feel bad about what you have done and that you will at least attempt to avoid doing it again in the future. When SJWs push you for an apology after pointing-and-shrieking at you, what they are seeking is a confession to bolster their indictment. They are like the police down at the station with a suspect in the interrogation room, badgering him to confess to the crime. And like all too many police these days, the SJWs don’t really care if you did it or not, they’re just looking for a confession that they can take to the prosecutor.

Be aware that once they have launched an attack on you, they will press you hard for an apology and repeatedly imply that if you will just apologize, all will be forgiven. Do not be fooled! I have seen people fall for it time and time again, and the result is always the same. The SJWs are simply looking for a public confession that will confirm their accusations, give them PR cover, and provide them with the ammunition required to discredit and disemploy you. Apologizing will accomplish nothing more than hand them the very weapons they require to destroy you.”

And if rapists are “not always monsters” as Jan Logie has said, then there really is nothing to apologise for is there.

I don’t subscribe to her wonky logic, in my world anyone who rapes is a monster, even if they have a smiley face.

The opposition parties might like to reflect on their internal polling after this week, the word I’ve heard from inside Labour is that even though Annette King is telling everyone their running average for the polls is hitting 32% they are actually somewhat below that and this issue has handed John Key a 5% jump in support.