Labour continues to highlight Steve Joyce?s MBIE excesses

Labour continues to focus on the small beer…and to act like the Grinch who stole Christmas.

For a ministry the size of MBIE $20,000 is bugger all….but it’s all Labour has got.

A government department’s spending on a Christmas party has been labelled as unbelievable.

The Labour Party said the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment overspent on its already excessive budget of $20,000 for the event.

The party’s economic development spokesman David Clark said minister Steven Joyce should step up and apologise to taxpayers. ?

“They spent 2800 bucks on props and repairs. It was a pretty lavish function and I doubt many small business people around New Zealand would understand their taxes going on a $20,000-plus Christmas function.

“It is embarrassing that he has overseen so many budget blow outs in so many different areas, and it’s embarrassing that he allows the budgets to be so generous in the first place.”

Note once again it is the spokesman for insignificant issues David Clark.

He really does just want to raise his profile by issuing press releases that idiot media pick up and run without question.

Riddle me this…why is David Clark running this story? Last week it was a sheep prop and now it is the party itself.

Let’s hope that when Labour are finally elected to government around 2020 that they will inform every government department that there will be no Christmas parties.

Has Labour got nothing else other than to be the Grinch who stole Christmas?


– NewstalkZB