Labour puts out the begging bowl after the Media party busts how broke they are

You have to wonder who the strategic genius is at Labour HQ who thought the same day the NZ Herald tells us they are flat broke that it would be a great idea to send out a begging email proving just precisely how broke they are.

From: “Nigel Haworth, Labour President” <[email protected]>
Date: 17 November 2015 at 7:03:27 PM NZDT
Subject: Today’s Herald


I imagine you believe, like me, that as Labour supporters we?re united by a common set of values. I think we all believe:

  • Every New Zealander should have the opportunity to realise the Kiwi Dream
  • New Zealand should be a fair society
  • Our environment needs to be protected
  • Our country should be governed on behalf of all Kiwis, not vested interests, big businesses or overseas speculators.

I?m proud of those values, but the front page of the Herald today tells the story of the challenge we face to make those values a reality.

Last election, the National Party raised four times as much as us in donations.

That means they had four times as much money to spend on all the things which make a difference in an election: adverts, online ads, leaflets and phone banks. ??

The good news is that in 2017 we don?t need to match them dollar for dollar. We have something National don?t have: thousands of highly committed supporters dedicated to the principles which unite us. That?s a huge asset.

We?re planning ahead and making the investments now to take us to victory in 2017.

We?ve appointed hub organisers up and down the country, to train volunteers and local organisers. And we?ve brought in digital experts who have worked on general elections in the UK and Australia to help us online, to reach new voters and mobilise our supporters.

REDACTED, the next election may feel to be a long way off. But the money we raise now will enable us to invest in the campaign we must run in 2017, if we?re to win government.

Today I?m asking you to help fix that. REDACTED, will you help us turn our Party?s values into the values of our Government in 2017?


Of course, donations from supporters like you are just one part of our revamped fundraising strategy. We?re also seeking donations from those who are able to give larger amounts, we?re training up local organisers to implement better fundraising strategies, and we?re building up our list of monthly, regular donors.

But the power of our movement is in our numbers, and the donations from Kiwis who support Labour values are the core foundation of our Party?s election campaigns.

Thank you,

Nigel Haworth
Labour Party President

P.S. You can read the story in today?s Herald here.

Idiots. Now we know that for once a NZ Herald story was true.


– tipline