Lancet golden obesity troughers

Boyd Swinbun - Golden Obesity Trougher

Boyd Swinburn – Golden Obesity Trougher

Speaking of the University of Auckland troughers, well known anti-sugar activist and Trougher of the Year Professor Boyd Swinburn has a new gig ? co-chair of the Lancet Commission on Obesity.

But it gets even better. Lo and behold somehow cat-hater and North Korean fan Gareth Morgan has also managed to become one of the 22 Commissioners as well.

With the obesity racket becoming bigger than Ben Hur, there?s no stopping them now expanding their remit to solving other problems of the world, especially when you consider this comment from Boyd Swinburn;

?Obesity is likely to share common determinants and solutions with other major emergent problems that the world is facing, such as climate change and inequities,? he says.

So Boyd Swinburn is tackling climate change now as well? ?

With his frequent flyer miles destined to skyrocket, Boyd Swinburn certainly has become the poster-boy for obesity followers. So much so that I think it?s important us humble Kiwis get to see where he goes in the fight against obesity in New Zealand.

Boyd Swinburn has been a busy boy this year attending obesity conferences in Australia, Edinburgh, and just last month the North American Obesity Conference, Los Angeles, California.

A quick look discovers Boyd Swinburn has some splendid trips lined up for 2016.

February ? World Obesity Federation, Washington DC, USA

May ? ICO (International Congress on Obesity) Vancouver, Canada

June ? ISBNPA (International Society of behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity) 2016 Annual Meeting, Cape Town, South Africa.

November – Obesity Week 2016, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

They?re so concerned about having to attend all these conferences, there is even a ?Healthy Venues? to ?minimise the negative health impacts of conference going?.

But more to the point, having Boyd Swinburn chair a new international commission on obesity is bound to lead to a reduction in obesity levels of young Kiwi kids, particularly in places like Gisborne and South Auckland.

And with the Government rejecting Boyd Swinburn?s incandescent lobbying for a sugar tax on fizzy drinks, it?s no wonder he?s more focused on jetting off overseas.

He probably gets a better reception than he does in Wellington.