Len’s failure: Just 102 houses built out of target of 39,000

Well it’s fair to say that Auckland Council has stuffed up the delivery of housing in Auckland by trying to shaft the Government in a little Mexican standoff.

The Housing Accord was supposed to deliver 39,000 homes in three years. We all know Council didn’t want it to succeed and we all know they have been subsequently and deliberately killing off the Government’s plans by refusing to make the infrastructure connections.

Two years after Auckland Council and the Government signed a “housing accord”, only 102 houses are known to have been built under its “fast-track” rules.

All of them have been constructed in just two areas: Weymouth and northern Tamaki. The council is not aware of any homes being completed under the fast-track provisions in any of the other 95 special housing areas (SHAs).

Instead, at least two blocks of land and a commercial property have been put up for sale after their value was boosted by being designated as SHAs. One was advertised as “a land-banking option”. ??

At least one other property owner has opted out of the fast-track provisions allowed under the SHA rules because these require a proportion of “affordable” housing.

The “affordable” threshold, set at 75 per cent of the region’s median house price, is now $578,250. But Ivan Frisken, who is building 140 homes in one of the first SHAs, in Murphys Rd, Flat Bush, said land values had risen so fast that each section was now worth about $500,000 and completed houses would sell for at least $1.1 million.

“We are not getting involved with the SHA side of it because as far as I was concerned it’s not really an area where special housing would be appropriate,” he said.

Paula Bennett is deadset useless at pounding local government because she doesn’t understand the issues.

Nick Smith doesn’t want to do anything except talk up a storm whilst believing that bureaucrats always snake around the law. He is defeated.

John Key doesn’t want to rock the boat but can’t see that NZers would likely support him.

I disagree. There is plenty that can be done.

Auckland Council is a dangerous organisation. It’s being allowed to run riot and it will cause immense harm to NZ. A hundred houses in 2 years isn’t just a failure but a joke.


– a newspaper