Media Party: No matter what we say, no matter what we do, voters don?t want Red Peak


The Media Party luvvies have been pushing for Red Peak since forever…but the public aren’t picking up what they are putting down.

The NZ Herald reports:

Two thirds of people want to keep the current flag according to a poll taken just before the first flag referendum voting papers arrived in letterboxes across the country.

In the latest 3News Reid Research Poll, 65 per cent said they wanted to keep the current flag, while 28 per cent wanted to change – similar figures to two months ago indicating the shortlisted flags have done little to budge opinion.

The poll was taken from November 9 – 17, ending just before voting papers for people to rank their preferred alternative designs started arriving in letterboxes last Friday.

Although Prime Minister John Key has campaigned for a change of flag, more than half of National voters wanted to keep the current flag as well as three quarters of Labour voters.

John Key thought he could get his vanity project across the line and he has instead burned up political capital on something that won’t change a single thing for the better in NZ.

And 3News shows that Red Peak is a dog’s twice thrown up dinner.

Mr Key wants to change to a Kyle Lockwood flag. A majority, 54 percent, of Mr Key’s National voters want to keep the flag, and 77 percent of Labour voters want to keep it. A majority ? 52 percent ? of Greens say keep it, as well as 79 percent of New Zealand First.

Bringing in the Red Peak hasn’t helped. Before it was added in September, 67 percent wanted to keep the flag, and 29 percent wanted to change it.

Now, with Red Peak, it is 65 percent for keeping it and 28 percent for changing it.

Just think, we could have had a referendum on legislation of cannabis, or legalisation of euthanasia…but no, that nice Mr Key wanted a flag debate, one he will lose.

He will be hoping that people don’t get into the habit of voting no to him.

?- NZ Herald, 3News