Nashy writes a post about how nasty The Standard is, and you’ll never guess what happened next

Stuart Nash wrote a post on Martyn Bradbury’s hate speech blog about how Labour needs to focus on winning and how the hard left on social media don’t get it….especially the lap-bloggers at The Standard.

They responded and set about proving him right.

In a typically long-winded and out-of-touch spew of abuse from Lynn Prentice?it gets really nasty:

The biggest issue that the left has and always has been is the idiots in parliament who are more interested in dividing the left for their own personal political advantage. In my opinion, Stuart Nash appears to be one of those.

But in the end it doesn?t matter. Stuart Nash and other such critics can fuck off. That they simply don?t have the skills to bring together such a wide and disparate group of authors, commenters and collaborators make it operate something like The Standard 2.0 is a seering indictment of their lack of political and technical abilities.

Because of course Lynn Prentice knows everything and, as the world’s greatest sysop, should be listened to when it comes to online behaviour. Nash is rather brutal in his response:

For someone who has been around for so long ? and under Helen ? I am surprised at your apparent naivety. You just don?t get it do you. The interesting thing is that this is the first time I have actually read the Standard for months. I don?t know of a Labour MP who does (though no doubt there are some) because those I talk to tend to agree that this is a site mired in negativity and bile.

This site doesn?t represent the moderate left voter ? or the aspirational Kiwi who is looking for an alternative to the current government; but rather the embittered left dreaming of a socialist utopia that has never existed anywhere in time or place.

Its an absolute disgrace to the proud broadsheet that used to be the Standard ? and I should know, I have a whole heap of them at home. They trumpeted the Labour virtues, triumphs and achievements; not like this site that promotes a narrow biased view of the world that is totally irrelevant to the vast majority of thinking Kiwis.

I suspect that after tonight I won?t read this site for another 12 months. After all, why would I ? it offers nothing I can?t get looking into a long drop in a DoC campsite.

He adds later:

Man, gotta love you guys. If think I don?t know what I was doing when I wrote the post on the Daily Blog, then you insult my intelligence.

The lack of political or strategic nous expressed in a number of the comments (and starting from the author of this post ? sorry but take another look at the stats: holding electorate seats improves the party vote. The PV might have dropped in Napier, but I was not the MP, simply a candidate) just confirms my suspicion that this site is populated by the nutty fringe who really are quite divorced from political reality. You believe you influenced the outcome of the past tow leadership races? How did the Cunliffe campaign work out for you? Not too good right. Wow. How deluded is this!

I am just so relieved that very few actually take this site seriously. If they did, we really would be in trouble.

Good luck in future endeavours.

Oh, by the way, take a look at my election billboards: the vast majority simply said

None of this ridiculous other stuff that was floating about.

So, move away from the keyboard, go and raise some money, knock on doors, hold 150 street corner meetings, work hard for two years and you never know, you might win as well. But somehow I doubt that.

He is dead right about that…you need to raise money, that is the first indicator that you have the pitch right…someone votes by opening their wallet. If you are getting a lot of “no” when asking for money then what you are selling isn’t wanted. You then have to knock on doors, real doors, not social media doors. They should listen to Stuart Nash, he actually knows how to win a seat…he’s done it…against the tide of National.

The fools at The Standard and The Daily Blog simply don’t get it…they are an echo chamber, cultists and purists. They’d rather lose gloriously, slaughtered in the polls, than compromise one little bit. Which is ironic given we live in an MMP environment where compromise is necessary to be able to govern.


– The Standard