Not just rapists and murders but Labour is the friend of North Korea and Iran too

Judith Collins used her column in the Sunday Star-Times to highlight whose side Labour is really on as they campaign for cosy treatment for rapists and murderers.

Kelvin Davis wanted New Zealand to criticise Australia at the UN…like Iran and North Korea did.

The week has been full of attention seeking stunts, starting from the ambushing of the Prime Minister by Labour’s Kelvin Davis whose behaviour in front of TV cameras was exactly that.

A dishonest, disrespectful stunt that only served to underline his inability to sell to the New Zealand public that taking a position that criminals, who have already decided that they don’t want to come back to New Zealand, who have committed very serious crimes are somehow representing all Kiwis. ??

Davis thinks New Zealand should have criticised Australia at the UN during its Human Rights periodic review. When I represented New Zealand during our last periodic review of human rights, Australia supported us.? Iran criticised us for not keeping records of torture and I see that North Korea has now strongly condemned Australia’s human rights. What a travesty. What a sick joke.

We don’t get the choice as to whether or not we get these criminals back. They’ve no wish to live here but they’ve never dropped their New Zealand citizenship. They’re ours, whether we want them or not. We now have a significant number of serious and serial violent offenders about to turn up in New Zealand. That is the issue. Not grandstanding along with North Korea.

The Labour and Green parties confronted the PM, tried to smear him and then took his words out of context, all to grandstand.

Of course it distracted from their “jobs, jobs, jobs” mantra…and proved that Labour are the party that represents criminals, overseas based criminals, bludgers and illegal immigrants.

Now we have found out that they are aligned in thinking with North Korea and Iran.

Nice work Kelvin.


– Sunday Star-Times