Obama breaks promise, puts troops into Syria

Barack Obama has been shamed into action on Syria by Vladimir Putin.

But in doing so he has made a liar out of himself.

Truth Revolt reports:

On September 10, 2013 President Barack Obama addressed the American people and promised,?”I will not put American boots on the ground in Syria,” as he called for limited strikes to take down Syrian President Bashar?al-Assad.

Yet on Friday the Obama administration announced they were doing just that:?putting American special forces on the ground in Syria. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest insisted the deployment of less than 50 special forces troops was not a combat mission and was meant to train and assist local groups battling ISIS.

“That has been the core element of the military component of our strategy from the beginning: building the capacity of local forces on the ground,” Earnest said. ?

The troops would not take part in front line fighting or go on raids, according to officials, but would be allowed to defend themselves if they come under attack and?could seek permission to go into the field.

What is unsaid though is that Obama has put US Special Forces in direct conflict with Russian troops backing Assad. This is because the forces Obama is supporting are opposed to Assad and the Russians are backing Assad all the way because of their sea port and airbases in Syria.

Despite saying he would never put boots on the ground in Syria he has?now done so, and in a ham-fisted manner that is likely to cause further issues.

Assad is no angel, that is for sure, but I think back to my time over looking the Syrian border in Israel on top of Mount Bental listening to an IDF Colonel explain why it would be better for Assad to win the civil war in Syria.

He said that in the 8 years he had been stationed in the Golan that it had been very quiet on the border, until the civil war started. He explained that Assad knew that to cross the border and attack Israel was a very dangerous thing to do, for him and for his country. But he went on to say that the lunatics in ISIS and the other opposition forces to Assad had no such restraint and that if they won control over Syria then he was going to have to fight them sooner or later. At least with Assad he knew Syria?would lose any fight with Israel.

Obama is a fool and he is showing that repeatedly.


– Truth Revolt