People want more houses, but don?t want government to use any land to deliver them

NIMBYism is alive and well in South Auckland….and rank hypocrisy from labour MPs.

It seems that no one actually wants poor houses (affordable houses) near them, lowering their house values.

A bid to stop a high-density housing development in South Auckland is “ill-informed” and will not be considered, Housing Minister Nick Smith says.

A 4000-signature petition was presented to Labour MP Su’a William Sio on Parliament’s steps this afternoon by two members of Save our Unique Land (SOUL).

The group opposed plans for a Special Housing Area (SHA) in Oruarangi Road, Mangere.

There are plans to build 480 houses on the 33-hectare block of farmland, which is next to the Otuataua Stonefields.

Mr Sio said the Government had no right to use the housing crisis as an excuse to destroy a site which had heritage value to mana whenua.

He said the group wanted a housing solution that was affordable and protected the sacred grounds on the neighbouring land.

But Dr Smith said the petitioners’ concerns had already been considered and dismissed in an Environment Court decision.

“There are no grounds of which that Special Housing Area status could lawfully be undone and that is why the petition is ill-informed,” he said.

Su’a William Sio obviously thinks that people can’t use Google to find his previous position on affordable housing and special housing areas.

The public will have heard speakers from the National Party attempt to portray empathy for the local citizens of New Zealand, but the truth is that those members do not care. They do not care about people who are struggling with private rentals. They do not care about families who want to get into their first home. The truth of the matter, for those who are listening, is that National just does not care about ordinary New Zealanders. We can look at 1990 when National was the Government. National Party members were the ones who sold off the State houses of New Zealand. They were the ones who sold them off to their friends. They were the ones who refused to maintain the stock that we now have to rebuild?that is what the Labour Government is doing.

I acknowledge the Hon Maryan Street, because she is a Minister of Housing who is showing leadership in difficult times. She is a Minister who is showing innovation by coming forward with the Affordable Housing: Enabling Territorial Authorities Bill. Labour believes that access to decent, affordable housing is fundamental to the health and well-being of families and communities. It is a basic human right of New Zealanders that the National Party does not seem to consider to be important.

The bill provides new powers to enable territorial authorities to increase the supply of affordable housing in their local area. It does not try to impose anything on local authorities; it is an enabling bill about working in partnership with local government throughout this country. ?Partnership? is a word that the National Party ought to be familiar with; it ought to learn from this Government. This is a Government that is prepared to work in partnership with like-minded parties in this House.

I join the Hon Maryan Street in commending this bill to members of this House.

He is of course right in that the media couldn’t seem to find his previous position, and just ran the anti-government attack from a member of parliament hopelessly conflicted by his previous statements.

– A Newspaper