Poor job by Amy Adams forces urgency on parliament

Amy Adams was told months ago about the problem of Kiwi ratbags being deported from Australia, yet sat on her hands doing nothing.

As a result parliament is now having to rush through urgent legislation to deal with?Labour’s rapist and murderer mates.

The Government is rushing through an urgent law change to put protections in place before convicted Kiwi criminals arrive here from Australia later this week.

They?re arriving on a charter flight because the the Australian government says they are too dangerous to fly commercially.

Today, a last-minute law to protect New Zealanders was introduced, but 3 News can reveal the Government was warned of “high risk” to the public nine months ago.

“We’ve got Con Air arriving on Thursday and here we are ramming this legislation through so we can have some sort of protection for New Zealanders,” says Labour MP David Shearer. ??

Australia’s law deporting New Zealand-born criminals came into force in December last year, and on February 12 Justice Minister Amy Adams was told:

“Some deported offenders who have been convicted of very serious offences may pose a significant risk to the New Zealand community.”

The Government was also warned:

“The number of offenders being deported to New Zealand from Australia is likely to increase significantly,” and;

“Offenders who have lived most of their lives overseas are likely to face additional challenges reintegrating into the community and avoiding re-offending.”

Mr Shearer says the Government should have already acted.

“And yet here we are today with nothing having been done.”

You’ve got to admire Labour here. After attacking the government for not helping these scumbags, and telling us all they aren’t that bad, they are now rushing around telling us the government has left us unprotected from the same scumbags that they were supporting just last week. I mean it is shameless, almost of Winston Peters style shamelessness but you do have to admire them.

Of course the Media Party are up for it, as it is a free for all bash on National.