Red Peak is as Kiwi as…


I read recently an article where they were saying that the Flag, Red Peak is New Zealand.

I have to agree with them. It is as Kiwi as two New Zealand icons.

The first ‘Kiwi as’ icon that springs to mind is…

Dead Australian possum on a NZ road

Dead Australian possum on a NZ road

Yes there is nothing as Kiwi as a squashed Australian possum on a New Zealand road. We even sell them to tourists because they have become so much a part of our culture.Red Peak has been accused of being too similar to a business logo and of looking like the flag of a two bit dictatorship some where in deepest darkest Africa but that shouldn’t put us off it. If dead Australian possums can become a Kiwi Icon then there is no reason why Red Peak cannot also become the flag of New Zealand.



Next we have gumboots. The traditional ‘Kiwi as’ answer to dealing with mud and animal poo. Red Band Gumboots
Red Band Gumboots

They are practical and get the job done. We don’t need fancy gumboots and we don’t need a flag that has historical significance or a great design. Red Peak fits the bill perfectly. Just like Red Band gumboots, Red Peak can handle the mud and poo being thrown at it and its supporters really don’t care. The intention of pushing the flag on social media was always to throw a spanner in the works and it has achieved its goal admirably. Like a ‘Kiwi as’ pair of gumboots Red Peak has kicked up some mud and stepped in some mud but that was always its intention. It is a design made for trouble and like your trusty pair of gumboots it won’t let you down.