REVEALED: Don’t lose your scissors [UPDATED 7am, next Day]

by Pete

UPDATE: ?7am, Wednesday

We woke up to this



It is against Google’s rules to promote the thing I can’t write about, because then this text would also be objectionable. ? So we’ve had to remove the text that was here and we hope, we so hope, oh we so hope, that what I’ve put here now won’t upset the G-Bot further.

So it seems another day of glee is ahead for those who take pleasure from this. ? Trust me, this process is so fragile and painful at the best of times, but it seems that telling you that something happened with the thing I can’t write about is in itself likely to generate further problems.

I do want to thank those of you who have supported us practically yesterday. ?It seems we have the, erm, scissors, let’s call them scissors, back in the drawer and they are no longer lost. ?Am I making any sense? ?I hope not. ?That’s the point I guess.

I really want to go back to running a blog today. ? Because losing your scissors is highly stressful.

(Comments, as you might expect, are now closed. ? Talk about scissors in General Debate if you like, but do not mention the G word or the A word!)