Seriously breathtaking: Media Party boost Little?s profile with overseas criminals

Are we seriously going to believe that a shoplifting conviction has this guy in prison?

In order to be eligible for deportation you have to have served at least a year in jail. When was the last time someone served a year in jail for shoplifting?

Oh well, he is thankful that Labour and Andrew Little cares about him.

One of the more than 60 New Zealanders held in a Sydney detention centre says he appreciated a visit by Labour leader Andrew Little.

Blair Rodger, 44, moved to Australia from the North Shore about 30 years ago, and has spent five months in Villawood Immigration Detention Centre.

“I appreciated someone giving a damn,” he said of Mr Little’s visit today with MP Phil Goff.

Mr Rodger said he ended up at Villawood Immigration Detention Centre after serving six months in prison on low level cannabis charges.

He has an Australian wife and two teenage daughters, and ran a successful restaurant.

Once his sentence was complete, an historic shoplifting conviction saw him held for deportation, and he has been languishing at Villawood while appealing the deportation.

His business has collapsed, meaning his wife has had to take a benefit, and his eldest daughters’ grades are suffering.

“It’s been a heart strain on everyone,” Mr Rodger, who speaks with an Australian accent, told the Herald.

I’m sure, terrible, all avoidable though if he hadn’t committed crime. But hey, Labour likes to hug the crims.

Mr Little and Mr Goff met with two other Kiwi detainees on a day in which temperatures nudged 40 degrees.

Asylum-seekers are also held at Villawood, including families. A child’s play area was visible through high gates at one area of the complex.

Media were kept to the perimeter of the centre, in an industrial area and with a visible security presence.

There, Karolina Roberts, partner of Kiwi detainee Jarl Wiki, detained after serving time for robbery with menaces, said she was worried for his mental health.

“He is crying for help, really, and I just don’t know what to do anymore.”

The interviews were interrupted by one local woman, who berated New Zealand media for giving attention to the detainees.

Robbery with menaces, bet he wasn’t crying when he did that…poor wee soul.

Labour, with help from the Media Party keep on telling Kiwi voters that they care more for criminals (in Australia) than they do for hard working Kiwi families.

But at least the?criminals are grateful. I wonder what criminals in our prisons feel like after Labour has?abandoned their causes for the more appealing ratbags of Australia.

I’m not sure how Phil Goff thinks cuddling criminals is going to help his mayoralty campaign.


– NZ Herald