Silencing Free Speech isn’t the same as changing people’s minds


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Have you ever been to someone’s home for dinner where the host or hostess dominated the conversation? Have you noticed guests limiting their interactions or saying nothing because it is easier than trying to get a word in? I feel that way about Twitter. The conversation is dominated by Left wing views and it is easier to not interact at all.

When I was a High School teacher my viewpoint was consistently a minority view in the staffroom and I learned to pick my battles as it was as pointless as shouting into the abyss. Because I had stopped questioning the commonly expressed opinions in the staffroom many assumed that they had changed my mind. They hadn’t.

It never occurred to me that anyone had been influenced by what I had said but one day a fellow teacher approached me. She wanted to know who to vote for on the PPTA. I was taken aback and said,” I am the wrong person to ask. I disagree with how the PPTA are always wanting us to strike. I will be voting for the person who is least militant.” “I know,” she replied “I have listened to you during meetings. I want to vote for who you think will be best.” My jaw almost hit the floor.This woman had never taken part in any discussions but she had been listening.

The point I am trying to make here is you cannot assume that silence means agreement with the vocal viewpoint.

There is a very good reason why there is the well known term ‘the silent majority.’ This is a lesson the Left have failed to learn. They have majority agreement on social media so they expect it to translate into votes and when it doesn’t they are shocked. They don’t realise that creating a hostile environment for debate enables them to intimidate and silence but it does not mean that they have changed anyone’s mind.

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The Left are very vocal and so is the Media Party. Before the election we were told ad nauseum that National would lose, that John Key was toast and that Cameron Slater and his blog were history. When National stormed to victory no one was more surprised than Wrongly Wrongson and those who shared his confidence in The Internet Party, The Mana Party and the Labour Party.

Even now on other blogs I regularly read that John Key is in serious trouble. The Ponytail pulling was the end of his career apparently. Whaleoil has been in its death throes since Dirty Politics and any minute now it will disappear to become a mere ink blot on the pages of political history. The fact that John Key and Whaleoil are still here does not make a difference. The commenters all agree on the blogs and social media that what they are saying is correct so it must be true.

In Germany, Facebook is now being patrolled by the Voluntary Self-Monitoring of Multimedia Service Providers, a government affiliated group which seeks out people who express ?radical? opinions.

Their definition of ?radical? seems to mean anything they don?t agree with. It can range anywhere from making threats, to simply talking negatively about immigrants.

…Merkel is still not happy ? she has asked Zuckerberg at a UN summit in New York to do more to filter comments she disagrees with, so people cannot read them.

Facebook has agreed to carry out this mass censorship…

Censorship means one thing: they have lost the debate. Merkel HAS lost the debate so she simply tries to stop her opposition from talking.

At first she was screaming ?racist? and ?nazi? at them. For once, that didn?t work. Now she has moved on to legally censoring their opinions.

Merkel can censor and silence all she likes. She can make it so that Germans can only read positive comments about immigrants on social media and in the MSM but that is not going to change their minds. It is only going to silence their voices.

What it will not do is prevent them from voting her and her party out of power. That’s the great thing with a democracy. You may not have a voice but you do have a vote.