Surely the PPTA MUST see this as a scandal?

Teaching: Where job killer tattoos are no barrier. Photo/NZ Herald

Teaching: Where job killer tattoos are no barrier. Photo/NZ Herald

The two Hobsonville Pt schools started on a budget of $113 million (a new Charter Secondary starts on $400,000). They are decile 10 of course, not aimed at priority learners, so only the best for them.

In their second year Stuff’s School report said the Primary had 156 students and the secondary just 248. That is a total 404 when their capacity is 2290. They are staffed and funded much higher than current rolls – but don’t tell that to the unions on the Left – it is too much contradictory information for their constitutions.

Because they are State schools and PPTA staffed the Hobsonville Point Secondary School gets a soft ride today from the embedded union mouthpiece Kirsty Johnson at the NZ Herald?about dropping NCEA Level 1 for their decile 10 students so that they don’t feel under pressure. The article includes as the smallest side point that even in this “zoned” school:

“a?small number of families had decided to leave, which the school said it was comfortable with.”

There?is no comment on those living in the zone that are staying away from the school altogether and applying out of zone to other North Shore schools that are offering a full qualifications programme.

No fuss at all from any of the usual suspects that this is 2 years in, many times the whole Charter Schools budget, throwing out a significant section of the national qualification (woe betide when Auckland Grammar did it), being funded well above its roll, etc, etc, etc

The PPTA, like the Labour party, ties itself in knots over ideological arguments that fall down the moment a state school does precisely that which they oppose. The silence is deafening, except in this case dear old Kirsty Johnson, who Russell Brown describes as a “badass”, is extolling the virtues of the hippy dippy everyone is a winner attitude of the school.

I’m all for eliminating unnecessary workload but you gotta think that?this is more about covering up the total inept failure of new-age-modern-open-plan-self-directed schools. Hey, if ‘assessment’ is?so bad why not just ban it all together then no one will know!

Anyway rule of thumb if the Herald loves it, it’s gotta be wrong.


– NZ Herald