Tell me why we should do something about climate emissions when China has just pulled a VW on us all

The leftwing would have us all taxed and living in the stone age in order to save the planet from ourselves.

Some leftwing blogs have even suggested that the SIS are stupid in saying the biggest risk to NZ for security is Islamic terrorism, and not climate change.

They implore us to lead the world even though our emissions are just 0.2% of the world’s emissions.

Meanwhile China has pulled a Volkswagen emissions scam on us all.

China has?shown?the world how much it truly cares about global warming by burning significantly?more dirty, carbon-unfriendly coal than it previously?pretended.

According to shock data??released, without fanfare, by China?s statistical?agency, its coal use has been about 17 per cent higher per year than earlier official figures admitted. This may have pumped an?extra billion tons per year of CO2 into the atmosphere ? more than?the total?house gas output of the entire German economy.

In 2012, China?burned through an extra 600 million tons of coal: about 70 per cent of the amount used annually by the US.

The new figures make a nonsense of China?s publicly-expressed commitment to wage war on climate change. ??

Only two days ago, Chinese president Xi Jinping emerged from a summit with French president Francois Hollande, calling for ?an ambitious and legally binding deal? at the forthcoming COP21 climate talks being staged by the UN in Paris later this month.

This moved Greenpeace China?s Li Shuo to declare it ?encouraging to see the ball rolling and diplomacy nudging us a small step forward?. He added:

?Moreover, with the recent decline in coal consumption and robust renewable energy development, China is positioning itself at the front of climate leadership. This is drastically different from six years ago in Copenhagen.?

We now know that this was wishful thinking.

Not that we couldn?t have guessed this anyway. China?s policy on CO2 emissions is ? and always has been ? a case of ?tell the gullible Gwailo whatever they want to hear ? then carry on building coal-fired power stations regardless.?

If starry-eyed environmental campaigners want to big up China?s green credentials by being amazed by how much renewable energy the Chinese produce, then that?s great too. It means that idiot eco-evangelists aren?t going to look too closely at China?s generally appalling environmental track record ? not just the smog in Beijing and the other big cities, but also the poisoning and devastation in areas where they mine the rare earth minerals which are a vital ingredient for those bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifixes?the Gwailo imagine are so eco-friendly.

Meanwhile, Chinese industrial progress will continue largely unconstrained by green squeamishness.

China has promised the world that its CO2 emissions will peak by 2030 but it hasn?t admitted what that peak might be. Instead, it has simply said that it will reduce its carbon emissions per unit of GDP ? because it doesn?t want its economic growth shackled to?a fixed target.

The Chinese don’t give a stuff, and they know that despite being the world’s worst polluter there is bugger all anyone can or will do about it to stop them.

[I]t?s not looking good for total global CO2 emissions.

As China currently contributes 28% of global emissions, the two scenarios would add 30% and 14% to current global emissions respectively. Put another way, even the lower scenario would add more then the whole of the EU currently produces in total.

But whatever else comes out of this, you?ve got to admire China?s style. Fancy releasing that revised data so close to the Paris UN summit. Why, you?d almost imagine it considered the whole business a complete joke.

It is only stupid nations where politicians are swayed by Twitter mobs that will make changes…to the detriment of their economies, with no discernible impact on global emissions. Our emissions are literally a fart in a hurricane.


– Breitbart