The mendacity of the NZ Herald and David ‘Tainted’ Fisher

Yesterday David “Tainted” Fisher wrote an article in the NZ Herald. He contacted me on Friday afternoon for comment, but I didn’t respond. There is no point responding to David “Tainted” Fisher because he has an agenda and is on a mission to protect Nicky Hager and to ultimately protect himself.

He is a mendacious scumbag.

The NZ Herald appends each of his stories about Nicky Hager’s predicament with this rider:


But even that isn’t really truthful. You see in the?documents released from?the?court and the common bundle we can actually see that David “Tainted” Fisher actually swore his two affidavits for and on behalf of Nicky Hager.?


We can also see the name of Wayne Leslie Stringer. Why is this important?

Well because Wayne Stringer is the go-to person in Fisher’s article to moan about the police actions against Nicky Hager.


What David Fisher didn’t explain or declare in his article is that Wayne Stringer was also a supporter and friend of Nicky Hager, and more importantly has worked for David Parker in his electorate office. That’s right, a mate of Nicky Hager’s, and an employee of David Parker.

He says so in his affidavit, important details that David Fisher left out of his hit job.


Make no mistake, David Fisher’s article in the NZ Herald is nothing more than an attempt to sway the courts and public perception of Nicky Hager into a more favourable light. It shows clearly the motivations of Fisher, and of Stringer and just precisely who they are all working for. It isn’t truth and justice just quietly.

David Fisher knows he has to do this because he also knows from the documents that he and his pal at the NZ Herald Matt Nippert are next in the firing line. They are next in line mainly because of the recent Supreme Court judgment issued regarding data. They all worked closely with and know who the hacker/s are. They are as guilty as the hacker.

What astonishes me is that the editors of the NZ Herald let David Fisher manipulate the facts and lie by omission in his articles. Why is he even reporting on these matters when he has sworn affidavits in support of Nicky Hager?

He taints the NZ Herald by his actions and his editors allow that tainting to occur.

Just a final note about Mr Wayne Stringer…remember who it was in Labour who laid a false Police complaint about me after Dirty Politics? Yes that’s right it was David Parker…and then he went into parliament and defamed me and my friends in the most egregious manner.

The real Dirty Politics is now being revealed. There will be some nervous people on?the?left in rather high places wondering just how much the Police know.

Dirty Media is revealed as well.


– Scoop, NZ Herald