The months and months (and months) of fireworks going off is about to recommence

Fireworks hit the shelves this week and are legally allowed to be sold over the four days from Monday to the holiday on Thursday.

And while that will be a cause of celebration for many, some think private sales of fireworks is causing unnecessary danger all year round.

National Risk Reduction Manager Rob Saunders said there were several close calls last year, with five garages and houses catching fire.

The best option in terms of safety was for people to go to public displays, he said.

The SPCA is delivering a similar message, saying it still wants a total ban on private sales of fireworks.

Its chief executive, Ric Odom, said the real danger of private sales was people keeping fireworks and letting them off throughout the year.

“Even though fireworks are only meant to be on sale a few days before Guy Fawkes, people let these things off well before and well after,” he said.

They certainly do. ?Especially when you live in an Asian dominated neighbourhood. ?They have other calendar dates to observe as well, such as Chinese New Year. ? And a fair few fireworks are set off on our own calendar clicking over a year as well. ?

Legislative fun killers have taken most of the useful fireworks out of the retail channel to the point where you might actually get more fun out of buying $100 worth of scrap wood and building a bonfire.

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