Too late, their evil death cult is amongst us

Why are media protecting this scumbag?

Why are media protecting this scumbag?

Just days after the left wing mocked the SIS for being concerned about Islamic terrorism in New Zealand we have the case of the Kiwi ISIS sympathiser, complete with flag and weapons.

And guess whose fault it is for his radicalisation?

A Facebook page belonging to an Auckland man shows pictures of him posing with an Islamic State flag, holding an AK47-style rifle and speaking of his role in a holy war.

Police said Harun Abdul-Majeed SaifuAllah’s profile was a “security matter” and have refused to comment. However, it is understood they are investigating Mr SaifuAllah following inquiries by the Herald.

The Facebook page appeared to have been disabled this afternoon.

Mr SaifuAllah, 23, told the Herald that he “100 per cent” supported the views and actions of Islamic State.

He said he changed his name three years ago but was born as William Ringo Ratapu-Howard in South Auckland, where he still lives. ??

He said the Government had confiscated his passport last year, stopped him travelling to Sydney in May where he planned to marry his Lebanese fianc?e and that he had repeatedly been questioned by the SIS about his beliefs.

Mr SaifuAllah said he converted to Islam about three years ago to escape his life of drugs and crime.

“I was in Black Power. I couldn’t see my life going anywhere, I was having a bad life, I was a gang member.”

And now you belong to another gang,?intent on even worse violence than a gang like Black Power.

His older brother found the religion first, and introduced it to their mother and then him, he said.

The religion has led him away from those aspects of his past. However, he has also been introduced to radical beliefs that see him sympathise with the terror group.

“No I’m not against [Islamic State], for a myriad of reasons. Am I considered a member, like a member of Isis? Well I support them of course because I support what they do.

“I stand by my views 100 per cent.”

He blames the SIS for his beliefs, he said.

“I never used to support Isis or anything, I used to think they were just a pack of people that used to run around and shoot people. But the SIS have put so much into my head, they just kept asking me about this group and made me look into it even more and these people are to blame for some of the views that I have.”

He said he did not believe the image of IS that was portrayed in the media and preferred to get his information from Facebook, Twitter and chat forums.

Mr SaifuAllah who has also used the surname Curtis and says he is actor Cliff Curtis’ nephew, said there is a network of other young men in New Zealand who hold the same beliefs as him.

“It’s quite rare to come across someone that has the same methodologies as me, but there is actually a few brothers out here that have it.

“People are waking up…it’s not like getting together in one big terrorist hub or anything but people are just understanding the reality.”

He does not want to leave New Zealand to fight, but believes others should be able to if they wanted.

“[The SIS] are the ones radicalising [people like me], if they want to leave – let them leave…and you can get them in Syria, you can bomb them over there but don’t leave a person in the country where you know they are going to do something wrong.”

Just lock him up, the man is clearly mentally incapacitated and deluded.

I warned you all, we’ve been pointing this out for quite sometime.

Well it’s too late, the evil is amongst us.

What I can’t work out is why the media are all hiding this terrorist sympathiser’s face? Are they enabling him by their actions?


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