We need to be tolerant, they are just a bit misunderstood…oh wait

Right now there is a campaign to try and have the Human Rights Commission prosecute me for hate speech because I dared to suggest that ISIS are evil sons of bitches and we really should be trying to kill them before their poisonous hate death cult is imposed on us and our way of life.

I consider that we are in a war, and ISIS are but one manifestation of totalitarianism and religious intolerance intent on enslaving us. They must be fought, and they must be destroyed sooner rather than later because we will eventually have to fight them and their dogma whether we like it or not.

Apparently believing in freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of sexual choices, and equality is?now hate speech because I want to defend it through pre-emptive force against those who will take it from us.

Ironically those who are the loudest campaigners against me on Twitter are self described?gays, lesbians, luvvies and liberals. They decry my freedom of speech and opinion and want it shut down and the people they are protecting quite literally would throw them off tall buildings if they have their way…and all because we should be tolerant and subservient to other cultures.

Well screw that. This is what happens to those who speak out against ISIS.

Two activists who campaigned against Islamic State in Syria have been shot in the head and beheaded in the southeastern Turkish town of Sanliurfa, the founder of the group they worked for said.

Turkey has been forced to confront Islamic State elements operating within its borders, after two suicide bombers, suspected members of an Islamic State cell, killed more than 100 people in an attack in Ankara.

Both men killed in Sanliurfa worked for Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently, a campaign group founded in April 2014. ??

Ibrahim Abd al-Qader, born in 1998, and his friend Fares Hammadi, who had resigned from the group in 2014 because of the dangers of the work, were found dead in their apartment on Friday morning, Abu Ibrahim Raqqawi, the 23-year-old founder of the group told Reuters.

“This morning they found them in their apartment. First they shot them in the head and then they cut their heads off,” Raqqawi said.

Speaking over Skype and declining to disclose his location, Raqqawi said Islamic State had previously killed one of his colleagues and also the father of an administrator in Syria, posting videos of their murders online.

He said the violence will not stop his group: “We will never stop – we will continue. They have killed a lot of our guys from the beginning. But we will not stop.”

The group says it tries to fill an information void left after Islamic State cut the Internet in Raqqa. It says journalists there were either exiled or killed.

Aside from fully controlling the information flow from Raqqa, Islamic State strictly regulates public life there. It runs nearly everything from bakeries to schools, courts and mosques.

Where are these liberals and vocal activists when gay people are executed by ISIS? Where are they when women are subjugated? Where are they when Jews and Christians are crucified and murdered for practising a religion different to the adherents of Islam?

They want to shut down dissenting voices, attack freedom of speech, try to silence me…well they won’t and if I have to be the one to make the ?stand to highlight the evils of ISIS and Hamas and every other jihadist and repressive Islamic regime on the planet then so be it.

We are in a fight, for freedom and the enemy is brutal and they have useful idiots right here in New Zealand aiding and abetting them, encouraging prosecution, encouraging the reduction of our hard fought freedoms and performing their own anti-democratic terrorism against freedom seekers.

As is usual they are attacking advertisers, actively seeking them out on Twitter and encouraging a boycott. They will stop at nothing to silence those who speak to freedom. They tried illegal means, they tried their own dirty politics and now they are trying to use anti-blasphemy laws and human rights legislation to try to silence me. We must fight them, because if we don’t then we all will be?living under the boot of totalitarianism and on our knees.


– Reuters