What’s worse, parading your victimhood or Michelle Boag parading about parading your victimhood?

Screenshot -One News Michelle Boag

Screenshot -One News
Michelle Boag

It isn’t often that you will find me agreeing with Michelle Boag. I feel dirty just typing that, in fact I was sick a little bit in my mouth.

Former National Party president Michelle Boag has accused female opposition MPs of “parading their victimhood” after they stood up in Parliament to talk about their experiences of sexual assault.

Boag made the comments in response to a protest against Prime Minister John Key’s comments that the Labour Party was was “backing the rapists” at the Christmas Island detention centre.

One by one, a number of female opposition MPs rose to demand an apology from Key, with some publicly stating for the first time their experience as victims of sexual assault.

At least a dozen female MPs either walked out in protest or were ejected by Speaker David Carter after he turned off their microphones to prevent them from being heard.

Speaking to Radio Live, Boag said the MPs had “made it all about them” instead of dealing with the issues facing detainees. ??

“I was a bit disgusted by those women standing up and parading their victimhood as if it was something special.”

Boag said most women she knew had been the victims of sexual assault “in some way”, but did not get the opportunity to share their experiences publicly.

“Every other woman in New Zealand in New Zealand who’s been the subject of a sexual assault doesn’t get the opportunity to do that.

“They weren’t say, ‘Look, if you’ve had these issues, here are all the people you can go to for help’, they were standing up and saying, ‘Poor me’.”

No one is talking about the detainees any more, and nor should we, they are criminal scumbags.

But everyone is talking about Labour?and the Greens and their crim hugging ways.

Their Media Party friends have been advising them?”Make the story about you”…how’s that working out for them?


– Fairfax