About time, why didn’t they do it earlier?


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Someone has?ring barked the kauri in West Auckland.

Protestors trying to save a west Auckland kauri tree say an attempt’s been made to kill it, with one of their number still in the canopy.

The tree’s been ring barked.

Protest organiser Aprilanne Bonar said eight security guards arrived at quarter past six this morning – three of them with chainsaws. ??

Arborist Johno Smith, who is occupying the tree, was woken by the noise.

Shocked neighbours called out to the men who immediately stopped and left – but by then they’d cut the full circumference.

Aprilanne Bonar describes their actions as vengeful.

“It was a last ditch attempt, it was vengeful, it was without integrity. This is what we’ve been dealing with for the last three years.”

Police are there now.

On Monday the protest group, Save Our Kauri, applied in the High Court for a Judicial Review and says it was in negotiations with the developers until late last night.

Where do those protestors get off, they are trespassing on someone else’s land over a tree that isn’t theirs. For them to talk about integrity when they’ve already reneged on buying the land is beyond the pale.

If it was my land and my tree I would have ring barked it long ago, and drilled bloody great holes into it and poured in litres of weedkiller as well.

I look forward to seeing this on the news tonight.


– NewstalkZB