Another pre-Christmas strike… let’s play “Guess the Dodgy Union”

Workers for Freshmax, a fresh produce provider for Countdown supermarkets, have commenced a partial strike over discrepancies regarding poor pay and working conditions.

Twenty employees will refuse to work more than eight hours, alleging in a statement the company forces them to work until “the work is done”.

First Union organiser Jared Abbot says some employees have complained of having to work 16-hour days just to get work finished.

According to Mr Abbot, the lack of consistency over hours creates health and safety issues, especially when tired employees take control of heavy machinery.

Freshmax chief executive Peter Ellis says the company refutes the allegations made today and states the action taken by merely 10 percent of its workforce can only be described as a “stunt”.

“We were today advised by First Union that it was calling a strike at our distribution centre in Mt Wellington. This affects around 20 workers, less than 10 percent of our total workforce. The remainder of our staff are continuing to work.

“We pay competitive rates. We provide good training and employ 200 people in a safe, modern work environment. We were in negotiations with the union, who broke off discussion to stage what can best be described as a pre-Christmas stunt,” he says.

Did you guess First Union? ?Of course you did.

These are all disruptive, devoid of “good faith” and hardly time critical. ?They are designed to damage the employer and inconvenience the public. ? First Union have stuffed around with public transport, and now the food supply.

There are indeed situations where a union needs to step up and pull an employer into line, but these sorts of 1970’s style pre-Christmas strikes have not been seen for a long time. ?They didn’t happen under Labour, and now they have been dusted off again to see if it can be used to destabilise the economy and with it, National’s track record of calm and collected management.


– 3 News