Anti oil protestors show they love oil with their protest


You’ve got to love the smelly hippies and their utter hypocrisy in staging a protest against oil all while bobbing around on their own little oil-made personal watercraft.

As the world’s powers signed a global climate change pact in France, a buoyant crowd gathered at Wellington’s harbour to protest deep sea oil exploration in New Zealand.

Almost every country on the world signed onto the Paris Agreement on Sunday, New Zealand-time.

Wellington’s Oil Action group had planned the flotilla protest on the harbour to align with the Paris Agreement, allying with many other environmentalist groups doing the same around the world, spokeswoman?Jessie Dennis said.

But they were by no means celebrating the milestone pact. ?

“I think, by and large, it’s lipservice, which is what we expected. The United Nations has proven for 21 years that it’s incapable of delivering climate justice.”

By lunch-time on Sunday, there were about 60 protesters bearing “expect resistance” and “no drilling in Aotearoa” signs paddling kayaks, surfboards, waka and paddleboards on the harbour to protest oil extraction plans.

A crowd of more than 100 chanted for “climate justice” in support from the waterfront near Frank Kitts Park, with signs bearing Prime Minister John Key’s image and the name of oil and gas exploration giant Anadarko, which had begun surveying in New Zealand.

They were supported by Greenpeace members on the water.

Are they not aware that their big plastic banner was made with oil, the plastic kayaks, paddle boards and paddles were all made from oil. Their life jackets, their lycra, their swim suits and other clothing…all made from oil.

They are complete hypocrites.



– Fairfax