Auckland mayoral candidate Crone has no National Party endorsement, and never will


I’m not filled with confidence with the launch of the latest candidate for Mayor of Auckland.

Victoria Crone has been spoken about for weeks yet on the day of her announcement?she sent out an email that MPs I’ve spoken to said was timed for 16:17 announcing that she would be making her announcement that she was standing for mayor at 16:00. Worse the email was sent from a gmail address. There is no branding, no website, and no domain name. It is real amateur hour stuff and if she is paying advisors she needs to seriously think about the advice she is getting.

On the plus side though, all credit to her resigning from her job to campaign full time. That is real skin in the?game. Will Phil Goff match that? Somehow I think not.

Auckland’s newest mayoral candidate is not a household name, but it’s likely she’ll be well known in business circles.

Victoria Crone, Xero’s New Zealand managing director, has announced she’ll run for Auckland Mayor next October as Len Brown steps aside. ?

Before becoming the managing director of the software firm she spent two decades working for Telecom and Chorus.

Now the 42-year-old wants to tackle our biggest city’s biggest issues.

Ms Crone has been courted by figures linked to the National Party to run against Labour-aligned Phil Goff, who declared his candidacy last month.

The mother-of-two is embracing the challenge, but moving from the boardroom to the council chamber hasn’t worked for some.

“History is littered with people who have done very well in business who have tried to translate that into a political arena and have failed,” says Dr Andy Asquith, public management academic. “Dick Hubbard is a good example.”

Ms Crone will be hoping she’s seen as a breath of fresh air.

Ms Crone has resigned from Xero to focus on the campaign, giving herself plenty of time to build momentum before Aucklanders vote next October.

One thing is for sure though, there will be no endorsements from National or National MPs. The edict has come down from the 9th floor that no National MP will be endorsing any candidate at all. Once again National cedes the high ground in campaigning to the Labour Party who have been claiming that the “independent” Phil Goff is their man for Auckland.

So, some negatives on her first day, but one big positive, her courage in resigning a cushy job. Shame we won’t see any such courage from Phil Goff who will stay in the trough until he is certain he can find another trough to swill about in.

There is one other plus to Victoria Crone’s candidacy…she isn’t Mark Thomas.


– 3News