Bob Harvey is an idiot

Bob Harvey, just back from troughing it up in Paris at our expense, has decided to start lobbying for tougher gun laws.

New Zealand needs tighter controls on gun ownership to prevent mass shootings like the Paris terror attacks, a former West Auckland mayor says.

Sir Bob Harvey, who was mayor of Waitakere City from 1992 to 2010, believes gun violence will “come like a bloody avalanche” to New Zealand if the Government doesn’t do more to control who can own firearms.

He was recently in Paris to attend the UN climate talks and was “deeply, deeply traumatised” by the memorials to the victims of the November attacks.

“The reality of it, to be there, just shatters you,” he said. “You think, how far away are we from this?”

Gun laws won’t stop terrorism. For some reason though, because Bob has a bit of a cry in Paris, it means everyone else has to join in with him.

The Paris shootings hit close to home for Harvey; his daughter Claris was living on a street where several people were killed.

Claris Harvey was in her apartment, where she has been living for the last four years, when the shootings broke out in November. Several people were killed about 150 metres from her building and most of the other shooting sites were within 500m.

“Everyone stayed up until 3am checking the news and hoping that everyone in that theatre had survived,” she said.

The next day she went out onto the street to see workers in white suits cleaning up bodies.

When she returned to New Zealand two weeks ago, Claris was shocked to see an advertisement for Gun City’s Christmas sale in a newspaper, offering discounts on semi-automatic weapons.

“I was genuinely shocked … I didn’t know you could sell those [in New Zealand].”

When Claris, who runs a film company, spoke to the Advertising Standards Authority about the ad, she found it was completely legal.

But she was concerned about the ethics behind the ad’s placement.

“I believe it’s unethical for newspapers to report on gun violence, and yet at the same time take advertising money from a company selling those same types of weapons used in the cover story,” she said.

Ethics? Newspapers? Surely she jests.

“Harvey was not worried about responsible hunters or recreational gun users. He was concerned about the ease with which people of “unsuitable character” can buy firearms and build up “arsenals”.

Reconciles with:

“While mayor of Waitakere City, Sir Bob Harvey battled to ban a regular gun convention, which he said was “in-your-face evil”.

How exactly? There have been 3 gun murders versus 51 drownings. Maybe Bob the Lifeguard should call for water sports to be banned instead?

If he is keen on stopping unsuitable people from obtaining firearms then best he starts with TV3 journalists.

Criminals don’t obey the law, that is why they are criminals.


– Fairfax