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The following comments have been made about INCITE: Politics.

From long time reader Jude:

I have subscribed for a year and am really enjoying reading Incite.
I actually looked at what mysky sub covered and cancelled little add ons that we rarely watched.The movie channel, Soho and Rialto all now cancelled saving $42 dollars a month that I happily use to cover sub for Incite.
Well done Cam and team for a very worth while product!

From R&B Avenger:

I have also subscribed for a year. A trial period to see if I will renew. Great to see some proper analysis on these matters.

From David Farrar:

This is great ? well done. Good content and layout.

Love the journo ratings. Have tweeted an extract to get people interested.

From David Garrett:

Good effort Cam?I look forward to being part of it.

From Richard Harman:

Hi Cam

Thanks very much for Incite — I have only had time to give it a quick skim and it looks impressive. I think it will do well, particularly ?if it keeps flattering me! It will be a lot of work to keep it up the standard you have set (and as a one time designer I really like its look)

So congratulations.

A comment from The Grampus:

Well done on edition 1 of Incite. A really informative read and such a relief to have decent analysis. Congrats Cam and team.

Going Right adds:

We enjoyed it too. Good number of contributors and has enlightened me in some areas of politics that I had not thought about.

Wasapilot says:

Read every word of it this evening. I only subscribed for the first issue, but will definitely be subscribing to further issues based on this edition. Well done all who put it together. Winston Peters insights were very interesting to say the least.

A big thank you to those early subscribers, we all appreciate your support.

We will be adding more content in coming issues, with more contributors. By subscribing now you will still get this issue, and when the next issue comes out it will be automatically sent to you.

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