Have you sold your unwanted gifts on TradeMe?


More than 4000 items described as unwanted gifts were listed on Trade Me before lunch on Boxing Day, and many thousands more are expected.

On the other side of the ledger, more than 25,000 searches had been carried out on the online marketplace for Christmas 2015 presents thad didn’t make the grade.

Adele CDs and selfie sticks were high on the lists of gifts Trade Me expected people to list on the site, spokesman Logan Mudge said.

On Boxing Day 2014 more than 166,000 searches were carried out on Trade Me for unwanted gifts. Popular items included outdoor furniture, baby gear, DVDs and camping equipment.

When it came to people trying to offload unwanted items, thousands of listings were made for women’s clothing.

“Buying clothes for others is a high-risk business and our 2014 data shows some of the most spectacular present fails were in the dress, shoe and lingerie sections,” Mudge said.

He advised people to be subtle about offloading unwanted gifts.

“Take special care not to identify the giver in your description and avoid sharing it on social media. You can never tell who will see your ad.”

There’s one thing getting underwear that you don’t like, or comes from a source you can’t stomach to be associated with “in that way”, but who the hell would buy an “unwanted Xmas” gift of underwear off TradeMe by believing it was “never worn before”?

Not a risk I’d take.

But more seriously, what do you normally do with unwanted gifts?


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