I wonder if Phil Twyford thinks Winfrey is a chinky sounding name

I wonder what Labour and Winston are going to say about another filthy foreigner wanting to get their mitts on prime Kiwi real estate.

Billionaire media mogul Oprah Winfrey intends to buy land in New Zealand, NBR understands.

In Auckland this week for last night?s one-off talkfest at Vector Arena titled “An Evening with Oprah,” Ms Winfrey dined at award-winning Japanese restaurant Masu in Federal St on Tuesday evening.

Accompanied by about 20 security guards, who were dotted around the venue, Ms Winfrey ate in the private dining room with an entourage of over a dozen people.

It?s understood that during the course of the night ? either at the restaurant or elsewhere ? Ms Winfrey spent a great deal of time regaling her companions with her plans to buy land here.

She had previously talked about her interest in real estate purchases in an interview with TV3?s Hilary Barry, which?aired on TV3 in November.

Asked about what she?d most like to do in New Zealand, Ms Winfrey replied, ?I am a woman who loves land the way some women love shoes. If I had a choice between a great piece of land and a great piece of shoes, I?d choose the land.?

Should Ms Winfrey follow through on her expressed interest in purchasing a piece of New Zealand, she will require an IRD number and a local bank account under recently introduced foreign buyer rules. She may also be required to apply for clearance from the Overseas Investment Office if the land purchase ?is significant or sensitive.

The self-made entrepreneur has a net worth of $US3.2 billion according to Forbes Magazine.

I can’t wait for the howls of outrage from the left-wing that one of their luvvie pals in the media is going on a buying spree of OUR land!

I don’t know about you guys but I reckon Winfrey sounds kind of chinky.