If Rachel Hunter loves the tree so much how about she buy the property

Rachel Hunter has entered into the attack on private property rights currently being waged in West Auckland

“Our Rach” has joined the debate over the fate of a West Auckland kauri.

Contractors this week arrived at the Titirangi property of John Lenihan and Jane Greensmith to cut down the tree.

In March, activist Michael Tavares spent three days suspended in the tree amid public outcry for its protection.

Lenihan and Greensmith planned to remove the tree, which is not protected, to build two houses.

They had resource consent from the Auckland Council to do so, but the tree was given a reprieve so neighbours could buy the land.

That had not happened, so they had resumed their original plan, they said on Thursday.

The neighbours reneged on the deal but the owners are being blamed by lying ratbags like David Cunliffe and his mouthpiece Greg Presland who are all grandstanding and abrogating private property rights.

They are also still lying about the age of the tree which is barely 100 years old with the wind up its arse.

Now Rachel Hunter has waded in…

Hunter posted her displeasure on her Facebook page yesterday.”Is the kauri being threatened again? I thought we went thur (sic) this already! Honestly just leave the kauri ALONE! We all know the the history of this magnificent tree.”

Well she should put her money where her mouth is and buy the land to protect the stupid tree.

As for the contractors…who would use them ever after caving in to protestors on private property. The owners have followed process, obtained resource?consent and now a bunch of dead beat hippies and tree-huggers are preventing them doing a permitted activity on their own land. I wonder if the Auckland Council will refund their consent fees?


– NZ Herald