Media party excuse #4573 for terrorism: ‘Postpartum Psychosis’

I’ve heard it all now.

The Media Party are trying to explain away the terrorist attack in San Bernadino, California without mentioning the dreaded Islam word.

The latest excuse is post-natal depression…no I’m not kidding.

Newsbusters reports perhaps the desperate leftist media’s?most ludicrous explanation yet for the Islamic terror attack in San Bernardino Wednesday that left 14 dead: postpartum psychosis.

CNN anchor?Erin Burnett, interviewing a pair of former FBI agents about the radicalization of?Tashfeen?Malik, the female half of the murdering couple who both went down in a shootout with cops, struggled to come up with some explanation, any?explanation that might keep the left’s narrative afloat?in the face of stubborn facts.

Newsbusters helpfully provides the transcript of the relevant portion of Burnett’s discussion with the FBI’s former profiler Jim Clemente and former special agent Robert Chacon:

BURNETT:?And she’s the mother of a six- month-old. It’s unnatural for her to do what she did. I mean, what could explain that, to leave a new baby, drop it off with someone else in the morning and then go, knowing that you would at the least never see that baby again? ?

What could explain it? How about Islam, Erin? Just a thought.

CLEMENTE: Well, I think it does ? ?it is very unnatural and it’s something that would have taken a tremendous amount of effort to do on her part. That means that the level of her commitment to this cause had to be extremely high. And that’s why I believe that she was already radicalized and he didn?t turn her. Also, the fact that she was able to act calmly in this tactical assault and the shootout with the police. That’s the kind of thing that only comes with practice and massive preparation. So, she was definitely trained and prepared for this kind of event. I think they were going out in a hail of bullets either way. And that was their plan.

So, definitely terrorism.

BURNETT: And Bobby, how much training do you think she had? To emphasize, when he went and did the attack, then when they drove away, he was the one, we understand from what officials have said, who was driving. She was in the back seat with an AR-15 engaged in a firefight with the police. She was. Tashfeen Malik was the one actually in the firefight.

That’s right, Erin. Try to wrap your head around that. Because while you’re desperately trying to maintain the illusion that America’s greatest threat is climate change or pro-lifers, there are Islamic women fundamentalists even among us who think nothing of doing the “unnatural” thing and massacring innocent infidel men, women, and children.

CHACON: Yes, she clearly had advanced training and clearly lots of it. It’s going to be harder to determine that because she was living overseas but my former colleague sent immediate leads last night overseas to all of our FBI legats in the area to determine her background, her connections. They are currently working very hard to develop a profile of her and to see what training she had, not only for this particular case, but, you know, whether she had friends or sisters or people, a common cause with her who have come over on these fiancee visas. And they’re currently here. I’m sure they are tracking that data.

So, again – definitely terrorism.

BURNETT: Jim, I mean, obviously, her involvement is a game changer in how enforcement, law enforcement will look at this. But I just have to ask you, could there be something else, anything else, that could have explained her involvement? Something like a postpartum psychosis?

In other words, “Please, gentlemen, give me something, anything, else to work with besides Islamic terrorism, because I can’t accept that.”

CLEMENTE: Well, postpartum psychosis, in the cases that I’ve seen of it really is typically internal. I mean, the violence goes internally or within the family. The kids are most likely going to be the targets of that or the person suffering from it. So, I don’t see this as a common case of postpartum psychosis. This is something much more related to extremism.

So, definitely terrorism. Better luck next time, Erin.

Why can’t media and politicians say what the real issue is…a violent ideology masquerading as a religion, called Islam.


– Truth Revolt