Media Party panic about terrorism a year after badgering Key about excessive powers

A year ago the Media Party were hectoring John Key about over-reaching with legislative changes, and mocking him for invoking terrorism.

Yet again they were wrong and John Key was right, and world events have now overtaken them.

Prime Minister John Key says he can’t rule out a “home grown” terrorist attack in New Zealand but believes the risk is lower than in many other countries.

Mr Key was speaking today following last week’s killings in the United States by two US citizens.

He was asked at his post-cabinet press conference whether he had concerns about a “home grown” attack in New Zealand.

“I can’t rule that out simply because I don’t think any country can,” he said. ?

“But as I’ve said in the past, while we’re not immune from risk I genuinely believe we are at a lower risk than a lot of other places in the world.”

Mr Key says its known that some of the 40 people on the SIS watchlist could “potentially undertake a domestic terror action” but the SIS and the GCSB are highly effective agencies.

“The concerns are always about `dark communications’, those that the agencies can’t access, or people we simply don’t pick up on the radar screens,” he said.

An attack in NZ is only a matter of time.

The ironic thing about it all is that the Media Party all fawned over Edward Snowden and Julian Assange and Kim Dotcom over spying…and those people were effectively aiding and abeting terrorists themselves with their attacks on our security agencies. Now the same Media luvvies who fawned all over them are worried for their?safety.

We could lower the risk by putting up the shutters and being very, very careful about who we let in.

?- 3News