Nikki Kaye keeps getting it wrong

Yesterday?we pointed out that Nikki Kaye?s omnishambles of a campaign for Victoria Crone had National Party MPs despairing.

Kaye has basically ended any chance of the National Party supporting a campaign by a local government candidate any time soon by getting Crone?s campaign so badly wrong.

Yesterday?s relatively minor but frustrating mistake by Kaye was not telling Victoria Crone to have an authorisation statement on her?vic4mayor web site.

This kind of mistake undermines the credibility of the campaign, and suggests that Nikki Kaye really has relied heavily on John Key to win elections, rather than being any good at campaigning herself. ??

Rather than checking the electoral law and making sure the authorisation statement hurriedly put up on Crones web site is correct, there is now a non-compliant statement on the site.

Crone Authorisation

Section 113 of the Local?Electoral Act 2001 states:

local elcectroal act

It is impossible not to feel sorry for Victoria Crone. She has been so poorly advised. But then, when you count Michelle Boag as key advisor anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Sadly this was all so predictable. It is amateur hour stuff.