NZ’s VW? Questions over Xero remain unanswered

We’ve seen Rodney Hide explain how Xero gave personal data away?without notifying the person or requiring a legal request to do so. ?Then Xero?denied it – which is not very truthful. ?If they do it with someone, they can do it with you. ? The NBR revisits the case.




Mr Drury and his friends are hoping this just goes away. ?It’s been remarkable that no other media (until now), has looked into this. ? When Westpac gave some data to the police on Hager, all hell broke loose. ?But when Xero do it, there is total silence.

The difference? ?Hager is a media luvvie, whereas Hide and Hendo are media pariahs.

Hide won’t let this go, and neither will I.

Xero needs to front up and explain. ?And also tell us how often they have done this before. ?And since. ?And what their general policies are when it comes to sharing private information without notifying the parties involved, without a legal production order and while concealing the truth during further enquiries.


– Source article: Jenny Ruth, NBR