Open letter to Xero’s Rod Drury

Dear Rod

I am your customer and have been for a long time.

I admire you for taking an idea and turning it into a large corporation. Now I am watching aghast as you surrender your values and integrity to preserve a corporate image. Instead of standing up for the little guy, you are sticking it to them. You stand with the State, not the citizen.

You promised both contractually and in many, many media statements to protect my privacy . Then, without telling me, you handed out my personal financial information to a State agency. And when I approached your company, after my suspicions were raised, your company simply lied to me.

Once I had established your company had released my private and personal financial information, you then stonewalled me. You never returned my calls or answered my simple, reasonable questions. It seems you are now so big you don’t have to care about a single customer. You have resorted to bully-boy tactics.

All I ever wanted to know was: ?

1. Why did your company hand my personal financial information out?
2. What exactly did your company hand out?
3. Why did your company not tell me my information was to be handed out?
4. Why wasn’t I told the truth when I made an inquiry about the safety of my information?
5. Why are you now ignoring me and trying to bully me to silence?

With this letter I give you my authority to tell Whaleoil readers the answers to these reasonable questions. Tell me — and them — exactly what statutory obligations overcame all your privacy assurances made over many years in public and the corporate policy you say your company proudly champions.

To be precise: What is the statutory obligation that forced your company to hand out my private and personal information held on my behalf by your company without telling me?

As you well know, I have asked for these simple questions to be answered many times over the last four months. You have continually refused to answer them. Your attitude toward me speaks volumes of the collapse of your and your company’s ethics. I am saddened and disappointed.
Kristina Buxton
Your Customer.