Plain Packaging legal hiccup being claimed for something it isn’t

The anti-tobacco lobbyists, the ones who seek to ban, block, tax and attack tobacco at every instance, are claiming victory in a recent FTA dispute in Hong Kong.

The federal?government has won its case against tobacco giant Philip Morris Asia challenging Australia’s tobacco plain-packaging laws.

It means the former Gillard government’s plain-packaging laws, introduced in 2011,?will remain in place.

The tribunal in the arbitration, based in Singapore,?has issued a unanimous decision agreeing with Australia’s position that it has?no jurisdiction to hear Philip Morris’s claim.

Philip Morris has slammed the decision, saying it does not validate plain packaging in Australia or anywhere else. ? ?

“It is regrettable that the outcome hinged entirely on a procedural issue that Australia chose to advocate instead of confronting head on the merits of whether plain packaging is legal or even works,” Marc Firestone, Philip Morris international senior vice president, said in a statement.

The federal government haven’t won any such thing. The tribunal ruled that they had no jurisdiction to even hear the case, so the federal government haven’t won anything other than a procedural motion.

The more serious WTO case is still to be heard sometime next year. That is where the real issues will be canvassed.

Once again the Media Party have misled everyone as have the anti-tobacco lobbyists.

If the lobbyists win this battle then they are coming for your food next with plain packaging.