USA unlikely to get more of our troops in Iraq, but Key refuses to completely rule it out

Obviously Te Ururoa Flavell is still resisting joining the fight against Daesh. It is his party that John Key is nervous of when it comes to committing to getting stuck in to Daesh.

The Prime Minister isn’t ruling out sending SAS troops to fight Islamic State in Iraq.

The United States has requested an increased commitment from New Zealand, but John Key is apprehensive.

United States Secretary of Defence Ashton Carter is stepping up the fight against Islamic State by putting troops on the frontline to fight.

“The United States is prepared to assist the Iraqi army with additional unique capabilities to help them finish the job,” Mr Carter says.

The American Special Forces troops will accompany Iraqi forces in the battle to take back the city of Ramadi. ?

And Mr Carter has stepped up the pressure for New Zealand to join, writing to the Government to request New Zealand’s SAS.

But while Mr Key isn’t keen on the idea, he’s not prepared to rule it out entirely.

“I think it’s highly unlikely,” he says. “[I’m] not going to rule it out today because I think we should go through a proper process.”

The only way we are going to put Daesh down is with competent and overwhelming force on?the?ground.

Daesh’s Toyota Hilux trucks are no match for a MRAP-equipped mobile infantry force backed with tanks. If ever there was terrain suitable for tanks it is Syria and Iraq.

Our NZSAS troops are amongst the best Special Forces in the world, they are currently itching to get into the fight and sitting on their hands at base. The only thing stopping them is Te Ururoa Flavell.

John Key needs to have a sit down and a come-to-Jesus meeting with him.


– 3News