What a load of hot air

The New Zealand Government has hailed a historic deal on climate change, saying it is “the first truly global agreement on climate change”.

Climate Change Minister Tim Groser described the agreement as a huge and historic step forward because all countries had agreed to take ambitious action on cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

United Nations officials and delegations from around the world concluded the deal in Paris this morning after two weeks of negotiations.

The Paris Agreement, which includes the biggest emitters the United States and China, set out a path to reducing emissions and limiting global temperature rise to 2C this century.

Low-lying Pacific countries which were worst-affected by climate change had argued for a 1.5C target, and this was included as an aspirational goal in the agreement.

Mr Groser said the significance of 185 countries making emissions reduction pledges over the course of the year could not be understated.

“The Paris Agreement banks these,” he said. “While they collectively won’t solve global warming in one hit, the new agreement sets up a process for regular, five-yearly updates.

“This sets the world on a clear pathway to a lower-carbon future.”

It’s a a pointless agreement. ?We have 83 years to collectively prevent a 2 degree rise. ?Well, that’s not our problem for the next 50 years then, is it?

What a pointless, political, sad agreement.


– NZ Herald