What is it with Academics and the BDS Movement against Israel?

Being an academic must rot the brain. It is the only explanation I can come up with after reading this extraordinary account of how a Jewish academic boycotted a request from a 13 year old girl. The girl’s crime? She wanted some information about horses, a subject that the Jewish academic is an expert on.Unfortunately for the 13 year old girl, the Jewish academic has something in common with anti-semitic Auckland University academic, Scott Poynting. She supports the BDS movement against Israel.

An expert in the history of horses has rebuffed a request for information from an Israeli girl, citing as the reason for her refusal Israel?s treatment of the Palestinians.

Shachar Rabinovitch, 13, wrote recently to the British-American researcher Marsha Levine, who is Jewish, that she was doing a school project about horses and requested details about the domestication and breeding of early horse species.
According to a Facebook post by her mother, Shamir, on Monday, Levine replied: ?I?ll answer your questions when there is peace and justice for Palestinians in Palestine.?


British-American researcher Marsha Levine-Facebook

The academic, who used to work for Cambridge University, noted that she was ?a member of Jews for Justice for Palestinians. I support Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions.?

She added: ?You might be a child, but if you are old enough to write to me, you are old enough to learn about Israeli history and how it has impacted on the lives of Palestinian people. Maybe your family has the same views as I do, but I doubt it.?

Levine referred Shachar to the website of Jews for Justice for Palestinians, and in particular a page that lauded the work of Israel?s ?New Historians,? who ?have generally confirmed the conclusions of Arab historians? and conversely have disproved the assertions of the traditional ?Zionist? historians whose work has been shown to contain a lot of nationalist myth-making.?

The ?New Historians,? who emerged in the late 1980s, challenged key aspects of the mainstream narrative of modern Israeli history, notably regarding the exodus of Palestinians from what is today?s Israel and Palestinian readiness for peace.

Shamir Rabinovitch described the academic?s response as ?unbelievable.?

?The BDS movement is here,? wrote Shachar?s mother. ?The reply that was sent to a 13-year-old girl is unbelievable, a girl who has not yet managed to kill anyone and, on the contrary, is quite supportive of world peace and brotherhood.?

For anyone reading this who thinks what the academic did is acceptable I would like them to consider their reaction if I or any other teacher reacted in a similar way to a 13 year old in their family.What do you think would happen if I as a High school teacher here in New Zealand, refused to help a Lebanese Muslim student with his homework because of my personal beliefs about Islam? What about if I was a Muslim teacher? Would it be okay for me to refuse to help a Christian girl because she is a Kaffir in my eyes? New Zealanders felt strongly about Apartheid in South Africa but our teachers to the best of my knowledge did not take out their disapproval of South Africa out on their South African students.

We do not sanction German citizens because of what Hitler did in WWII, we do not sanction America for the nuclear bombs it dropped on Japan, yet this self righteous Jewish academic, feels that she can hold a 13 year old girl accountable for a dispute about land that has been going on since the late 1940’s.

Do we sanction New Zealanders because of the land seized by the crown from Maori? Land will always be in dispute and frankly my generation is not responsible for what happened in the past. The fact that this womble of an academic feels justified in punishing a 13 year old girl for what she sees as the crimes of her country beggars belief. Maybe someone should boycott Marsha Levine because I am sure sometime, somewhere, one of her ancestors did something to upset someone else. She has certainly upset me, maybe I should start a Marsha Levine movement, to boycott, divest and sanction all of her relatives for the crime of being related to her.