What is their end game? Who benefits? Who is paying?

Hans Kriek and his vegan terrorists have struck again, taking out advertisements in UK papers in order to commit economic sabotage.

What they are doing is tantamount to a crime.

An advertisement condemning New Zealand’s dairy industry for its treatment of calves has been run in Britain’sThe Guardian newspaper.

Animal welfare organisation Save Animals From Exploitation (SAFE) arranged the advertisement, which depicts a bloodied calf inside a glass of milk with the caption “New Zealand dairy contaminated with cruelty”.

It also poses the question, “Are you consuming New Zealand dairy cruelty?” ?

SAFE and lobby group Farmwatch last month released?footage of calves left in roadside crates, being thrown onto trucks and abused at a slaughterhouse in Waikato.

The purpose of the advertisement, published in the Saturday edition of the newspaper at a cost of over $10,000, was to send a message that more must be done to prevent animal cruelty, SAFE executive director Hans Kriek said.

“It’s really important that we give people who consume our products the opportunity to have their say.

“We also knew that international pressure would be sufficient reason for the industry to take action and stamp out the cruelty.”

These bastards have conflated a couple of ratbags and their actions for the actions of a whole industry.

The campaign is as dishonest as it is destructive. They will be costing people their jobs.

We have laws to deal with this and that is the appropriate way to deal with it, not this economic sabotage.


– RadioNZ