Why you should pack a real book not an e-reader this Christmas


With technology improving our lives at a rapid pace some people find that they prefer the good old days.Sometimes technology while convenient, simply cannot replicate the charms of the thing it is replacing. With summer around the corner and holiday reading on the to do list, which of the two will you be choosing? The tried and true traditional book, or the convenient library on the go, the e-reader?

Personally I am a Kindle convert and now that I need reading glasses, 95% of my reading these days is on my e-reader. My daughter is a traditionalist and prefers real books. As I like to play devil’s advocate here are 5 reasons why you should pack a book rather than an e-reader in your suitcase these Christmas holidays.

images (1)

Reason ONE:

You are relaxing in the sunshine with a good book and feel so relaxed that you doze off. With a real book that is not a problem as it falls back softly and gently onto your face. With an e-reader you have a serious problem.That hard sucker is going to smack you in the face when you doze off and then slide right off.This is a real phenomenon. In fact, I laughed myself silly when it happened to Cam one night when we were reading in bed.


Reason TWO:

If you are a collector then e-books are no fun at all as they do not display to advantage.This is what a collection of Georgette Heyer novels looks like with real books.


Now here is the exact same collection inside an e-reader.


Reason THREE:

E-readers do not provide sensory pleasure. The feel of a real book and the smell of a real book cannot be replicated. Many people associate those textures and smells with relaxation and pleasure.

Reason FOUR:

There is no need to turn off your book on a plane.

Man reading book, being served martini, in first class on airliner

Reason FIVE:

When you want to quickly flick back to check on something you can easily do that with a real book. With an e-reader it is almost impossible. With a real book you can rely on visual memory, ie it was about half way through chapter 5. With an e-book it is all just too hard.Flicking back one page at a time is a nightmare.

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Which ever one you decide these holidays, there is one thing that both options have in common. Both are an escape to a wonderful world of entertainment inside your head.


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If you agree with me that’s nice but what I really want to achieve is to make you question the status quo. Look between the lines, do your own research. Do not be a passive observer in this game we call life.