After days of skiting about his new big stories it all turns pear-shaped for Matt Nippert

Matt Nippert has been cock-a-hoop about his two big stories in today’s NZ Herald.

He’s been boasting on Twitter.

Firstly, about his story of Ella Yelich O’Connor buying her first house.

Nippert skite

And then about his story involving David Henderson, Rodney Hide, Xero and the Official Assignee.Nippert skite 2

As far as I know the only c*nt featuring was the author of the story. By even tweeting that, he has given away his angle…that he, as an investigative journalist, thinks the subjects of his story are c*nts. At least we know the whole story was bent from the get go.

But imagine the punch in the guts the self-proclaimed expert in pattern recognition felt when he saw the story online.


That’s right, the ever brilliant Matt Nippert’s story started as a travesty using the wrong photo of the wrong David Henderson. The caption reads “Auckland Property Developer David Henderson…” and the story is about Christchurch property David Henderson….who incidentally looks like this.


Ok, so they are both white, and both grey/silver-haired, but that is about it as the similarities go.

nippert skite 3

It seems those much-vaunted pattern recognition skills didn’t extend to making sure the correct David Henderson was identified or indeed the correct image applied. No doubt he will blame the sub-editors…but perhaps he should have been explicit in filing the story…USE THIS IMAGE…

David Fisher better watch out or his monopoly on old mad dog lady stories might be challenged.


– NZ Herald