Are you here for an argument?


Good evening, and welcome to tonight’s Debate. The Moot:

THAT?On balance, the Internet does more harm than good

People had to “enrol” to participate in this debate, between 8pm last night and midday today, for the purpose of assigning them to two teams. ?The teams are:

Cambridge (arguing against)

  • Lux
  • Betty Swallocks
  • XCIA
  • CheesyEarWax
  • HSV325
  • KGB

Oxford (arguing in support)

  • Justme
  • Greg M
  • Mikev
  • Mark
  • hookerphil

There are rules that need to be adhered to, which are listed at the end of this post. ?Moderators will score the debate (they are not allowed to participate) and declare the winner at this time tomorrow. Whaleoil would like to emphasise this is an informal event intended to be fun for participants and readers.

I declare Whaleoil’s inaugural debate – open!

The rules, as they current stand, are:

  • Any debater has a maximum of 10 comments per debate.
  • Every player needs to leave an opening statement, then has up to 9 replies to opposing players. These must be replies. There is no need to use all 9.
  • Stick to blog moderation rules.
  • Prefix every comment you leave with your team name, like this:
    (Oxford) or (O), (Cambridge) or (C).
    If it helps… Oxford are Optimists, Cambridge are Critics
  • Comments that are not left by enrolled players, do not follow the rules or?do not have a prefix will be deleted
  • Make sure you read the original announcement so you know the bigger picture.
  • There will be winners and losers, but it won’t matter.