Cry baby of the Week: Shona Maiden

via NZ Herald

via NZ Herald – not beyond using kids for a story

Cry Baby: ?

Shona Maiden

The Incident:

Shona Maiden was heading home after celebrating New Year’s Eve with friends at her local bar – 123 Casino Karaoke Bar, in Howick – when she was assaulted, she says.

A police spokeswoman confirmed they are investigating the assault of a woman, aged 46, outside the establishment in the early hours of New Year’s Day.

At the bar’s closing time, Ms Maiden, who is of European and Maori descent, said she said “ka kite ano” (see you later) to people who had been standing outside. The mother-of-four, who lives in Howick, said a man then swore and yelled at her, questioning why a “palagi” would use such words.

What she did:

Ms Maiden admits she responded, telling the man to “f*** off.”

What happened:

He then punched her several times.

The word palagi, or palangi, is a Samoan and Tongan word for a person of European descent.

Ms Maiden said the man who allegedly attacked her looked to be of Pacific descent.

While she was a little “tiddly” she said she wasn’t drunk when she was leaving the bar.

“The knock to my head sobered me up pretty quickly.”

A friend accompanied her to Middlemore Hospital for treatment. She left a few hours later after being given some painkillers.

“I’ve lost five teeth, my top plate is cracked … my lip is out there, I can’t eat yet,” she said.

“I just burst into tears when I saw in the mirror that I had no teeth.”

Her father, John Maiden, is upset at what happened to his daughter and says he wants something done about safety in the area around the bar.

What she should have done:

Listen, it’s never OK. ? You don’t punch a woman in the mouth for being a bit lippy.


She was pissed, he was pissed, and she told him to F off.

It doesn’t take a Rocket Surgeon to figure out what happens next.

And now her?dad wants “something to be done” about the security “around the bar”.

Then they run to the paper for a good old bitch’n’whine. ?And being the Herald, they start off with a misleading headline


It should have read: ? Drunk woman loses teeth after being punched for telling a drunk man to F off.


– Corazon Mill, NZ Herald